We cannot always build the future for our youth but we can build our youth for our future.
—Franklin D Roosevelt.

Our public schools in Georgia hold the future workforce of the construction industry. With more than 160 skilled trade construction and metals programs, the K12 Pipeline produces graduates ready to work. These programs and instructors are on the front lines of the fight to supply a sustainable skilled trade workforce to the construction industry, as well as delivering unprecedented opportunities and economic mobility to our young people.

CEFGA partners with the Georgia Department of Education, employers, trade associations and philanthropic organizations to provide support and services to programs statewide. The CEFGA K12 Pipeline seeks to elevate and expand our skilled trade programs statewide in our public-school systems and allow students to build and create from elementary through high school.

“The effects of the job shortage are being felt across the United States. There were 311,000 vacancies in the construction industry as of October 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

CEFGA is proud to announce a groundbreaking investment in the K12 Pipeline led by The Marcus Foundation, The Arthur M. Blank Foundation, and The Home Depot Foundation. Our “Introducing the Next Generation to the Skilled Trades” initiative will build the construction workforce while delivering valuable in-demand skills to students and connect them to clear career pathways in the skilled trades. The plan recognizes our teachers as the front-line leaders in workforce development and impacting positive generational change for youth. This comprehensive initiative involves partnerships between CEFGA, educators, philanthropic organizations, the GA DOE, and industry leaders. Together, we will change the face of education and build the construction industry one person at a time.

Are you interested in partnering with CEFGA as an employer, educator or job-seeker? Email us at K12Pipeline@cefga.org.

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