Sweetwater Mission recently began a partnership with CEFGA to help provide candidates for Construction Ready training, and ultimately to host Construction Ready classes at a new training facility at its Austell, Georgia home.

The mission has served at-risk residents of Cobb, Douglas and Paulding Counties for more than 50 years by providing food, clothing, hygiene products and educational services. In 2019, Sweetwater Mission announced an expansion of its existing Education Center. To be known as the Transformation Center, the new facility will offer an array of courses, training and job skills, including Construction Ready classes.

“There is a great need and opportunity for Sweetwater Mission to go beyond just stabilizing families with food and clothing,” said Executive Director Brian Hamilton, “to make a meaningful effort to break the cycle of generational poverty.”

Added Frank Quatro, Sweetwater Mission’s Chief Operating Officer, “As more existing organizations leverage their resources, skills and abilities, we will continue to accelerate our ability to successfully transform families in a meaningful way.”

Learn more about Construction Ready at constructionready.us.

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