Our teachers and construction education programs are our front line in creating a highly skilled and educated pipeline of professionals to satisfy Georgia’s workforce demands. CEFGA proudly partners with the Georgia Department of Education, Industry Trade Associations, Industry Construction Leaders, and many other philanthropic organizations to provide our teachers with the resources they need to provide a higher level of construction education for our students that will ensure them successful careers after school.

Upcoming Industry Events for Students & Teachers

Why get your Program “Industry Certified”?

The industry certification process strengthens all Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) programs. CEFGA and Georgia’s Department of Education are committed to the industry certification process to provide rigorous and industry-relevant education to our students. Programs that are “Industry Certified” will successfully undergo in-depth reviews by local industry leaders.

NCCER Certifications and Curriculum

CEFGA is partnered with NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research), a nonprofit education foundation created in 1996 to revolutionize training for the construction industry by creating standardized construction education curriculum to develop a safe and productive workforce. NCCER offers 70+ assessments in more than 6,000 NCCER-accredited training and assessment locations across the United States. CEFGA works with the Georgia Department of Education, high school teachers and schools to implement and utilize the NCCER program curriculum, provide program and student certifications, and support and guide teachers in providing these valuable industry credentials to students in Georgia.

Learn more about NCCER and NCCER’s Registry System / Testing System.

Teacher Professional Associations:

There are many associations in Georgia providing professional development, networking and advocacy for CTAE teachers:


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