The war for talent is real. It’s imperative that we find young, talented construction professionals who can grow with our business. There are a lot of opportunities for the right people.
—Matt Hirsch, President, Primus Builders.


Partner with Us

We need your help—partner with us to introduce the next generation to the skilled trades and help us create an environment that produces highly trained skilled trade professionals as a steady pipeline into our workforce. We are looking for industry leaders to hep us shape the next generation and connect with our students.  We offer events such as Career Expos, partner to participate in industry certification through school systems, Workforce Alliance skilled trade Competitions which are also networking events for students to meet employers or become a sponsor!

Work Based Learning Programs

Georgia passed law BH 402 creating “work-based learning programs” which allow students to receive school credit by working with state approved employers to gain real world work experience. Work-based learning programs help provide Georgia with a sustainable future workforce for the next generation of workers. Georgia businesses that meet certain requirements can also be eligible to receive certain benefits based on student participation.

Learn more about HB 402 or download the Student Employment Guide.

CEFGA’s K12 Pipeline Division partners with schools, leading construction companies, industry associations, government entities, and philanthropic organizations, to provide students with construction education credentialing. We work closely with the Georgia Department of Education and a vast network of teachers to accomplish positive outcomes in career education and defined career pathways. These efforts are vital to workforce success in Georgia and beyond. We are looking for partners to help us shape the next generation and introduce them to the skilled trades. Find out how to get involved!

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