Little Builders Workshop

The Little Builders Workshop has given Elementary level students the opportunity to participate in a hands-on building experience that introduces them to the skilled trades. This workshop has allowed the teachers and the CTAE counselors to get involved and better understand the necessity of students learning about the skilled trades. During the live, virtual event Kayleen talks with them about the benefits of the trades while walking them through the build of an actual tool bench that they can keep. Kayleen’s passion and enthusiasm keeps the kids engaged and helps the teachers highlight an event hosted by a TV actor to parents. The students are embracing this experience and even asking how they can be in the skilled trades one day. I think that is one question that we can be certain hasn’t been asked in these schools in a long time.

We want to thank Home Depot for donation of these wonderful kits.

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Past Events:

Mossy Creek Elementary (White County Schools)


Chicopee Woods Elementary (Hall County Schools)


Georgetown Elementary (Savannah Chatham County Schools)


Hogansville Elementary (Troup County Schools)


Inman Elementary (Fayette County Schools)


New Hope Elementary (Whitfield County Schools)


Chapel Hill Elementary (Douglasville City Schools)


Hollis Innovation Academy


Tucker Elementary


Hutchens Elementary

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