The construction industry is an industry of action. People who work in construction don’t sit around and talk about building; they build.

Much like the industry itself, CEFGA is an organization of action. CEFGA is building a quality talent pipeline, so that construction companies who do business in Georgia have the talent they need to complete projects today and in the future.

In order to do this, we need your help.

We ask that you join our alliance of construction companies dedicated to building a talent pipeline for Georgia.

Listed below is an outline of benefits your company will receive for supporting CEFGA. For more detailed information, download the Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits form.

  1. Opportunities to participate in our nationally-recognized CareerExpo, where thousands of top high school students come to learn about careers in construction. (Watch the video or see the photos of last year’s CareerExpo).
  2. Opportunities to be recognized and participate in our award-winning Construction Ready program, which trains, credentials and connects hundreds of job-ready people each year with construction companies.

  3. Opportunities to participate and be recognized in our K12 Pipeline, which includes 150+ high school construction training programs, where our industry’s future workforce is currently training.

Since 1993, CEFGA has been building a quality talent pipeline for construction companies who do business in Georgia. As a CEFGA member, you will not only empower us to continue building this pipeline; you will directly benefit from the pipeline. To learn more about CEFGA, read our 2016-17 Annual Report.

Thank you for considering this request and joining at a level that’s best for your company.

Scott Shelar
President & CEO

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Sponsorship Opportunities and BenefitsSponsorship Opportunities and BenefitsSponsorship Opportunities and BenefitsSponsorship Opportunities and Benefits

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